Kangana ranaut posing Topless

Kangna Ranaut simply doesn’t care about what people have to say about her picture on the cover of a film magazine.

Seen in a body suit, Kangna’s picture is accompanied by an equally shocking headline. But though Kangna’s so-called nude appearance has caught a lot of attention, the actress herself is unfazed.

She says, “What’s the big deal about the picture? Are any of my vital organs seen? I haven’t posed nude at all. These days one doesn’t need to. Body suits are available readily in the market.”

Kangna fails to understand why so many eyebrows are being raised. She says, “Why would I be upset? It was for an annual issue and we just tried doing something different. In my profession, one has to do different kinds of photo shoots. I fail to understand why such a big deal is made about a normal picture.”


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