Why Yuvraaj will be another crappy movie

This year we have already seen lots of crappy movies and the sad part is most of them ended up huge hits, like Singh is kinng, and Yuvraaj promises to be another lame movie to hit the screens. It may just become a huge box office success considering that its a big budget movie, has got lucky Katrina kaif and great music by A.R. Rehman but in terms of quality it will be just another shitty movie

  • It has got three non-actors in Salman khan, Katrina kaif and last but not the least the great king of ham Zayed khan who thinks the louder you shout the better you act, Katrina kaif simply can't act to save her life and Sallu mian has survived with two expressions
  • Anil kapoor can definitely act but he needs to play his age now, he is more than 50 yrs old and still pretends as if he is in his 30's
  • Katrina kaif has been india for last four years but she still speaks hindi with phoren accent, apparantaly thats where Sallu mian got his accent from
  • Subashash ghai used to make good entertaining movies but ever since he tried to imitate Karan johar, Aditya chopra, he lost his touch and never been the same


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