Movies to look forward to this summer

Here are list of movie which I'm really looking forward to this summer

1. Gulaal
After Dev D, Anurag kashyap is all set to release his Gulaal. He started shooting for this movie in 2001 but it was shelved due to the lack of funds but then Zee TV came to the rescue and the movie got completed and is all set to release on 13th March. The movie has ensemble cast of brilliant actors.
Here is the trailer of the movie which looks simply awesome. I hope Zee TV start promoting this movie in a big way like UTV did with Dev D

Movie Synopsis

Gulaal is set in Rajpur a fictional city of Rajasthan, where a member of the erstwhile royal family stakes claim to the land of Rajasthan and wants to go back to the days of royalty. He wants Rajputana back from the Government of India and challenges the very idea of democracy. His history backs him, his people too, but the power corrupts him...

Similar to a Shakespearean fable of desire, lost identities, love, greed, violence, murder, deceit, power and innocence, it is a film inspired by poetry; the forgotten male, macho world of power, corruption and greed, where women are just means to an end while nobody can be trusted. It's a film that brings back poetry to cinema, songs that inspire us, shake us; sometimes a thriller, a drama, but poignant, shocking and provocative. It's a film about the conflict created as a modern India tries to break the shackles of its past.

The only thing good about watching Delhi 6 was that I got to see the trailer of Vishal bhardwaj's Kaminey which stars Shahid kapoor in a double role, and it seems Vishal has got best out of Shahid in this movie, even Priyanka chopra is looking natural for the first time. The movie also stars Amol gupte (Screenplay writer of Taare Zameen Par) in a very interesting role.

Many would say that music of the movie is copied from Pulp fiction, but ithas more to do with Vishal paying homage to Quentin tarantino than plagiarism

3.8 x10 Tasveer
After streak of mindless comedies action kumar finally tries his hand at something different with movie Tasveer which is directed by Nagesh kukonoor who is known for making meaningful cinema, although his last movie was a big disappoiment. lets hope both Nagesh and Akshay are able to redeem themselves with this movie

Anurag kashyap's Paanch is finally going to release which was banned by stupid Censor board member who thought that movie wasn't a healthy entertainer


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