Plagiarism by Hook Ya Crook

David dhawan's last movie Partner which starred Salman khan and Govinda was a frame to frame copy of Hollywood hit movie Hitch. Sony studios were even planning to sue the producers of partners but decided against it for some strange reason. It would have been much better had sued the asses of Khan brothers as it would've stopped bollywood directors from ripping Hollywood movies. It didn't happen and David ji is back with another rip off. His next multi starrer movie 'Hook ya Crook' seems to be the copy of 'The longest yard', which features inmates at a prison who play football against their guards. Adam Sandler plays the protagonist, Paul Crewe, an ex pro-football quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers

In this bollywood version cricket has taken over football and our very own John Abhrahim must be playing the role of Adam sandler

Check out this video from the location of Hook ya crook and decide for yourself


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