Aamir khan as a Sardar in new Tata sky Ad

Aamir khan is known for trying different looks for the commercials that he does, and with Tata sky new ad he dons the avatar of a aged Sardar ji. He is looking so convincing that at first sight,it is impossible to recognize Aamir khan

This ad begins with an old Sardar played by Aamir loudly complaining against Tata Sky, that its picture quality is so good that add cricket to it and everyone is hooked with no one willing to do any work. He complains that he was forced to pay electricity bills himself as his son would not budge from his cricket on Tata Sky. In the end , Aamir hands over the Tata Sky STB to a complete stranger and claims to his son that the Tata Sky is so good that it had to get stolen. This ad subtly states that cricket and the excellent picture quality of Tata Sky make a great combination


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