Bollywood Political League

Have you ever wondered what will be the party manifesto of our bollywood stars if they were to run for elections themselves by starting their own parties

Here is my little take on it.
Johan abraham

Symbol:Yellow chaddi
Slogan:Freedom of expression
Cause:All obscenity laws be banned!

Hrithik Roshan
Slogan:Keede makodo ko kuchal do
Cause:Fight for the cause of single mothers

Akshay kumar

Slogan:Will actually do the running for elections
Cause:concession to men who claim loyalty at their wives

Rakhi sawant

Slogan:Will do what no one has done before
Cause:Insist on transparent laws

Shah rukh khan

Symbol:A bat
Slogan: Ladbo Korbo haarbo re
Cause:Initiating an award for the best losers

Sunny deol

Symbol:Dhai kilo ka Haath
Slogan:Papa kehte hai bada naam karega

Cause:Take special care of the 'unemployed'

Saif ali khan

Symbol: A red heart shaped balloon

Slogan:Be-bo says so!

Cause:Valentine's day be declared a national holiday


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