Can Katrina silent her critics?

Last year Katrina kaif gave six consecutive blockbusters which saw her catapult to the position of number one actress in Bollywood, but that least impressed her arch rival Priyanka chopra as she took a dig at her by saying that she would never do a movie where she is only required to look good,and mouth few lines and has a little acting talent to showcase. She didn't take any name but it was obviously targeted towards Katrina as in all the movies she did everything but act.

It seems Katrina has taken the criticism to heart and wants to prove to one and all that she can act, as she is currently doing a movie called Rajneeti with Parkash jha who is known for making realistic and hard hitting movie. In Rajneeti, she is not wearing any make up and her glamorous mini skirts have given way to simple cotton saris. It has been rumoured that her character is inspired by Sonia gandhi, but the director of the movie has declined it.
Check out her look from the movie.

It seems that Priyanka chopra is still not too impress with Katrina kaif, speaking to a news daily about Katrina’s look, Priyanka said, "By taking off your make up you don’t become a better actor. I think that it is something to hide behind and say I am uninhibited."

It remains to be seen if Katrina kaif will be able to silent all those who doubt her, but I for one certainly hope that she does and make Priyanka chopra eat humble pie


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