Deepika attacked by snake during Harper bazaar's photoshoot

Talking about the snake attack, an ophidiophobic Deepika says, "I have always had a phobia about snakes. I don't mind anything from lizards to insects, but I am terrified of snakes. We were given these fancy villas in the middle of a forest at a resort called The Banyan Tree. I was relaxing outside my room at night when I happened to look down near my feet and saw a huge snake, almost three feet long with it's hood raised, staring at me!"

Deepika shudders and says, "It was THE scariest moment of my life. I jumped and screamed loudly. My mom was in her room and came out to see all the commotion was about but by that time the snake had slithered away."


Here is the result of that photoshoot which almost put her life at risk.


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