Kareena kapoor has no time for British PM

Kareena kapoor recently received special invitation from the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, but she had to turn it down as she will be busy shooting for movie produced by Karan johar in the below-freezing temperature in Philadelphia

Kareena kapoor must have been tempted but I guess she couldn't miss out on another Karan johar's movie as she did last time when she demanded a fortune for the role in Kal ho na ho, which was eventually done by Preity zinta

This is what she had to say.

"It was a huge honour. I was the only invitee from Bollywood and it always feels great to represent our country. It was an invitation from the British House Of Commons to visit the Prime Minister. But if I had gone Karan Johar's dates would've suffered."

"What to do?" sighs the overworked Diva as she gathered her wits and clothes for her imminent departure. "I don't have the time. Besides, the invitation came too late....my fault. They couldn't access me, so they finally had to get to me through my father. By then, it was too late for me to accommodate a flying visit to the House Of Commons for this uncommon honour. So sad!"


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