Movie Review:Yuvvraaj

Subash ghai's last three directorial ventures have been box office disasters and I would be really surprised if this one does any better as it doesn't have thing unique or new to offer. Subash ghai is one of those directors who have failed to evolve with changing times as is evident with the melodramatic and stupid dialogues which we used to see in the movies of 80's and because of that even the scenes which were meant to be serious look funny and ridiculous, like the one in which Katrina says "You are a hardcore Anti-family man", I wonder what the hell the dialogue writer was smoking to come up with something like that.

Anil kapoor plays an autistic who has inherited the wealth of his billionaire father and its a story about how his estranged brothers played by Salman khan and Zayed plot to cheat their innocent brother out of his inherited wealth but end up realizing their mistakes. The idea of the story is old but could've worked had the screenplay not been a let down

The lesser we talked about the acting performances is the better, Katrina kaif was looking beautiful but she still hasn't learn to act and someone should lock Zayed khan in a room and throw key away so that we don't have to see him again, the guy is just not a bad actor but is fucking annoying and makes one cringe. Someone should ask Salman about his accent, Anil kapoor's was the only sane performance in the movie but he too overdid at sometimes

IMO, uncle Subash ghai should hang his boots and just focus on producing good movies like Iqbal cuz we can't take any more movies like Yuvvraaj


prakash said...

Yuvraaj is an excellant movies..kudos to subhash ghai, salman khan,anil kapoor who all have contributed to show the real essence of a good family.Congrats once more , hope to c many more like these ...

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