Sanjay becomes a puppet

Sanjay Dutt joins the infamous list of politicians to dish out communal speech. And, he has been rightly booked by the Election Commission for violating the election model code of conduct. Sanjay had delivered a communal speech during an election rally in UP. He was campaigning in the Ghosi parliamentary seat in the Mau district of UP for Samajwadi Party candidate Arshad Jamal Ansari.

Sanjay alleged that he was booked under TADA and tortured under the third degree after the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts as was he was the son of a Muslim mother (actress Nargis), he went on to say that cops used to taunt him for being a son of a muslim mother.

I never expected Sanjay dutt to stoop to such a level just for the sake of minority votes, but when you have got a pseudo secularist like Amar singh besides you, what else one can expect?

Earlier Sanjay dutt had claimed that Congress was responsible for the demise of his father, as he was hurt with the induction of former Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Nirupam into the party against his wishes.

“He spoke to me four days before he died. The only hurt he was having was this. He told me they (Congress) have killed him,” Dutt said. The actor-turned-politician said he does “not believe in Congress policies”.

Well, if that was the case why didn't Sanjay stop his sister from joining the congress, even if she joined congress against his wishes there was no need for him to campaign for the party which killed his father.

Ever since, Sanjay dutt joined SP, he has been acting as a mere puppet at the hands of his so called bade bhaiya Amar singh. It is quiet evident that Sajay dutt hardly uses his own brain before making those stupid statements which are being fed to him by Amar singh.

Sanjay dutt needs to realise that he is nothing but just a pawn in the bigger scheme of things for Amar singh, and he'll be thrown out once he renders useless for SP.

I used to be a big fan of Sanjay dutt, but now I'm really pissed at him for joining the Political party which plans to take India to Stone Ages, as they want to ban english and computers


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